The basic, beginning, fundamental, and core of any exercise is running.


No matter which path you go, if you go deep, uniqueness appears.


The beauty is felt only when the subject is carefully looked at for a long, close look.


Everything in the world is made up of numbers and ultimately results in geometry.

Those who have never experienced the fact that the pursuit of beauty is a difficult thing do not know. In the digital society, it is difficult to create a brand identity if beauty is mistaken for pretty.

Pretty is a one-dimensional judgment related to appearance or immediate reaction. To discuss beauty, one must be able to interpret the world in multiple dimensions. In other words, beauty cannot be discussed without time and effort.

Currently, we are in the early stages of the transition to a digital society in the future. We are still in the stage of adaptation to the digital paradigm. So while you are immediately dazzled by the dazzling digital features, you lose your competitive edge if you neglect your efforts to explore and figure out the essence. The paradigm of the future is at a point where the ability to express digitally is required with a good understanding of the properties of classic.

Good design is closely related to success. You may be enticed by the beauty of the moment and be drawn to it, but humans are destined to love beauty in the end. A product is valuable to consumers because it is useful. Because usefulness is ultimately based on human understanding, the ability to depth is required.

The attitude of a professional designer is how much objective judgment can be made in interpreting design. Objectivizing refers to sociality, but it is also an essential word and is closely related to stability.

Beauty is difficult. Remember, Pretty is not beautiful.
Beauty is difficult. Remember, Pretty is not beautiful.


DesignRhythm make to createa lively, rhythm in avaluable design. DesignRhythm was created for an attractive design that combines classic and kitsch in the digital society.

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    Design and Rhythm

    Classic. Digital. Convergence.

    In the digital society of the future, a business model that can express the classic volume, depth, and digital expansibility and lightness by fusion is needed.

    Deep Thought

    The depth of thought is a necessary map on the long journey to find a company’s brand identity.

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    Massimo Vignelli

    The Vignelli Canon

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    Paul Jacques Grillo

    Form, Function & Design

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    E.H Carr

    What is History?

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    디자인과 키치

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    Zygmunt Bauman

    희망, 살아 있는 자의 의무


    Just as everyday thoughts come together to create a huge flow, the philosophical value of design rhythm is revealed through everyday short texts.

    I always heard your entire life last scene front your eyes the second before you die first of all that one second isn’t second and all it’s on screach and all like an ocean of ti...

    The tree is lonely The tree knows all solitude The tree knows the solitude of the sunken morning I know the evening solitude covered in clouds but the tree is Endure loneliness and overcome...

    The whole building resonates as if a nail was nailed downstairs. To make a gap in one huge building All buildings give up their place If a mirror hangs in that gap, one of the nails Look, li...

    As a boy, I go to the sky with my thoughtsHe would soon throw it at a stoneThen the stone desperately flew through the air,Eventually, it fell sharply to the ground.But the various thoughts ...

    I’m not talking about the speed of travel or the environment.Whether you go fast or slow, go the easy and convenient wayGoing on a more difficult path than othersEvery trip has its own...

    Saw the star It was a star that shined in your chest Don’t leave what the world doesn’t have Don’t turn around because there’s no way anymore Even when your heart fel...

      About DesignRhythm

      Website creation is now talking beyond the visual and technical dimension. It is the most basic means for communication and also serves as a ‘media’ that expresses the emotions of users. It’s time to learn a lot of simple code, or use meaningless photos, illustrations, and typography to meet your expectations. The most necessary preparation for understanding the basic principles of the web is to understand and explore ‘user / human’. Designrhythm guides you through that.

      The purpose of design rhythm is to help client websites realize corporate value in a way that is meaningful and evolving for the user.

      The most basic principles to follow to achieve timeless design are: The fewer elements you use to convey your message, the less likely you are to get lost in temporal style and fashion. In addition, here are some of the ways in which erasability can be achieved.