Australian aboriginal boys

It is said that Aboriginal boys in Australia are recognized as adults only after undergoing a ceremony called Walk About, in which they spend a few months living in a remote area.

It is also said that the Dagara tribe of Burkina Faso, Africa, has to go through a ceremony in the middle of the village when they are in their early 40s, in which they have to endure all the insults uttered by the Anja people as they pass by. It is said that only then can they be recognized as the elders of the tribe.

It is said that the harsh words that others throw at you remind you of mistakes or mistakes you have made in your life, so you can reflect on the past and have a humble heart.
As such, the times of the rite of passage given to us make us bigger after the moment is painful, even if it is.

Pain that comes to us like a bitter medicine always takes us one step further.
I think that the difficulties we are experiencing now are also trials to help us grow up like that.

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